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Pain change people
Tuesday, 2 December 2014 | 07:16 |

U know what I hate about people ? 
They will start appreciate u when u changed or when u gone . 

Its hurt me a little bit when people ignore me and guess what ? They will find me when they are sad , bored , heartbroken .

When I change myself to be more harsh and heartless , people beg me to not do that . I change because i afraid to get hurt . But I cant do that . I will simply forgive people and act like nothing happened . 

When I being heartless , people will treat me well . They taking care of me , cheer me up , trying hard to put smile on my face . I dont know the reasons they treat me so well when I be a heartless person . And when I treat them the way they wanted me to be , they treat me like I am nothing . 

Ignored me 
I hate this shit 

Sometimes I miss the old me who is never give a damn what people feel , selfish , and heartless . 

What I could do is smile and pretend Im happy even they put shit on my face 


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